Cooperative Training in Viet Nam needs the Vietnamese Chambers

“Now we understood, that vocational training is a core function of the German Chambers”, underlined Mr Vo Tan Thanh, Vice President of the Vietnam Chamber of Commerce & Industry (VCCI).

On Friday, 23 September, Mr Vo Tan Thanh had a high level meeting with Mr Tilo Jaensch, CEO of Education and Training of the German Chamber of Skilled Crafts Potsdam (HWK). Both exchanged information and experience about roles, functions and activities of HWK and VCCI with a focus on technical vocational training and education (TVET).

Mr Jaensch emphasized the important role of German Chambers within the Cooperative Training in Germany. A trainee in Germany spends nearly 2/3 with practical on-the-job training, mostly in a company.  German Chambers are the responsible body for TVET in Germany. They ensure the quality of the practical training, certify the training ability of companies and in-company trainers and have responsibility for the assessment of graduates. By managing those functions, German Chambers can ensure that the training incorporates the real needs of the business sector.

The meeting was made possible within the Vietnamese-German “Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam”. Other meetings with Vietnamese chambers, associations and companies will follow. It will culminate in the Consultation Workshop on 29 September in LILAMA 2 Technical and Technology College. The Consultation Workshop is to present the first draft of a comprehensive three-year Cooperative Training Programme for Constructions Mechanics Technicians and Industrial Electronics Technicians. Stay tuned!


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