Conventional Turning and Milling Training Courses for Vocational Trainers of the Occupation Metal Cutting-CNC and Construction Mechanics

Dong Nai, 31 December 2015

Two further training courses in conventional metal cutting were conducted in November and December 2015 within the field of activity “Support of Centres of Excellence for TVET” of the Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam. That field of activity focuses on the establishment and promotion of specific industrial occupations acc. to German standards in the occupational areas of the metal and electro technology. Occupations as metal cutting-CNC, construction mechanics, industrial electronics and mechatronics are being established and promoted at LILAMA2 Technical & Technology College.

The overriding concept of those two and all subsequent further trainings for technical vocational trainers of LILAMA2, aims to build up their professional competence in above mentioned industrial occupations. It assures consequently the provision of high quality vocational training at the Centre of Excellence for TVET in Vietnam at LILAMA2.

The courses in conventional milling and turning took place at two learning and practicing places where the theoretical part has been taught in LILAMA2 and the machine practice has been conducted in the workshops of the Vietnam-German Training Center at HCMC University of Technology and Education.

Under the guidance of the German trainer Mr. Fischer, eleven metal technology trainers of LILAMA2 produced semi-complex turning and milling parts on conventional machine tools and assembled the produces to the final project “Drill Stand” in 160h of training acc. to German industry standard. Next to practical work, the courses included also operational planning as well as the consequent evaluation of the product and of the manufacturing process for quality assurance, in particular considering the dependence to down- and upstream production units.

Besides its main objective of practising the operation of conventional machine tools, the final theory and practice assessment of the participants is oriented on German Examination Standard of the Chamber of Trade and Industry (IHK) which determines the current competency status of the participants in the field of metal technology. The results of the theory and practice assessments, as well as the observation during the training regarding work ethics and attitudes, set the basis for the further tailoring of the further training programme for technical vocational trainers of LILAMA2.


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