CNC milling technology training

From 23 June to 11 July 2008 at UTE Hung Yen, a training course for Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) teachers and instructors in CNC Milling Technology was organized. This course is the 3rd training supported through the public private partnership between the European Association for Vocational and Social Education (EBG) and GTZ-TVET project. During a multi-level training program, TVET teachers and instructors will gain knowledge and skills in metal cutting (basics, CNC – milling and CNC – turning).

After finishing this program, TVET partner institutes will be able to conduct further training courses in CNC for workers and trainees in future. 16 teachers and instructors from 7 project partner institutes participated in this training course and were trained on programming and operating CNC milling machines. From the workshop outcomes, it is clear that participants skills, in particular, operating skills of CNC milling machines have been improved. Especially the practical training sessions helped with confidence and encouragement to overcome the reservation of most of teachers and instructors over using CNC milling machines. The gained knowledge and skills will help participants to better utilize CNC equipments in general, and existing CNC milling machines in particular as well as CNC machines going to be provided by Financial Cooperation in 2009.

The well organised logistics provided by Hung Yen UTE also contributed to the successful workshop and helped achieve its objectives. Nevertheless, it requires further training and improvement in order to meet with enterprise demands. A further training in CNC turning will be conducted within the PPP between EBG and GTZ-TVET-project end of July 2008. An intensive training in Germany will follow the 4-step training series in Vietnam.


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