Basics of CNC Technology: Turning and Milling

Under framework of Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam, from 24th November to 14th December 2012, 16 teachers/instructors of the 6 beneficial TVET institutes participated in training course of “Basics of CNC Technology: Turning and Milling”. This course made a landmark for participants, who had completed all previously organised courses in conventional metal cutting as well as project-oriented basics and advanced training in metal work and now started moving to have training in higher technology in metal cutting.

In this training course, participants, who have good foundation of knowledge and skills of using conventional metal cutting technology, had been trained in basic knowledge of CNC technology and fundamental skills in operating Turning and Milling CNC machines, the advanced technology enables to produce more complicated and precise products in comparison to conventional technology. Content of the course were considered very interesting and useful by trainees. The course was organized at Viet-Duc Industrial College where there are modern CNC machineries and well trained teachers/instructors as the result from the completed GIZ-supported project “Promotion of TVET in Viet Nam”. The training course was conducted by a German trainer, Mr. Andreas Fischer, and two capable trainers from Viet-Duc Industrial College.

Within three weeks, trainees started to get familiar with basic work of programming and operating CNC machines then they were able to produce simple products from this technology. Those results made trainees feel excited and eager to participate in future courses in CNC technology, which is more focused in the training in Metal Cutting occupation. These courses will be planned and agreed with the five partner TVET institutes.


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