Assessment course in Electrotechnics


One week assessment of teachers/ instructors’ skills in Electrotechnics/ Electronics  

The project “Promotion of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), Viet Nam” in cooperation with project partner schools are carrying out a further training program on electrotechnics/electronics for teachers/instructors of partner schools during 2009.


From 19 to 24 February 2009 at Hung Yen UTE a one-week assessment of the skills of teachers/instructors from ten vocational training institutions was organized. The assessment has achieved its objective of assessing further training needs and selecting teaching staff capable of attending the further training programs on electrotechnics/electronics during the year 2009. Those selected and trained teachers will multiply the gained knowledge and skills in electrotechnics/electronics at that model schools throughout Viet Nam participating in the financial and technical cooperation project.

Further steps in the field of electrotechnics/electronics, including

  • technical training for teachers/instructors,
  • didactical and pedagogical further training for teachers and workshop instructors,
  • identification and adaptation of teaching and learning materials
  • adapting and/or developing training modules based on labor market requirements and following unique standards,

will be implemented until May 2010, under direct implementation of local and international experts in close cooperation with the technical cooperation project


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