Advanced Further Training Course on Programming, Operation and Maintenance of CNC-Milling Machines for Vocational Trainers of the Occupation Metal Cutting/CNC

The advanced further training course on programming, operation and maintenance of computer numerical controlled (CNC) milling machines was organized in the frame of the German – Vietnamese Cooperation and within the field of activity “Center of Excellence for TVET” of the Programme Reform of TVET in Vietnam. At the Center of Excellence (CoE) LILAMA 2 Technical & Technology College training programmes based on German standards for occupations, such as metal cutting/CNC, industrial mechanics, industrial electronics and mechatronics, are being established and promoted.

The advanced further training course for technical trainers aims at building up professional competences and to assure consistent provision of high quality vocational training at the Center of Excellence LILAMA 2 Technical & Technology College.

The practice-oriented further training took place in the CNC workshop of Ho Chi Minh Vocational College of Technology, where six CNC-key trainers of the Mechanical Faculty of LILAMA 2 College worked to milling machine tools to solve independently complex work assignments based on industrial requirements. The course conveyed competencies in the advanced programming and production of work pieces by CNC-milling machines. Furthermore participants practiced regular maintenance, as well as troubleshooting procedures during programming and machine operation. Next to advanced practical work on CNC-milling machines, the course included operational planning of work assignments, as well as consequent evaluation of the product and CNC manufacturing process for quality assurance.

Besides the main objective of improving their competencies in programming and operating CNC-milling machines according to industrial requirements, the participants also received a first introduction to the programming technique of CAD/CAM technology. This programming technique indicates already the next and final level of professional competence in CNC-technology.


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