Workshop “Handling the film equipment of the LILAMA 2 media studio”




International Technology College LILAMA 2 (LILAMA 2)


Nguyen Thi Thu Van, Nguyen The Luong


15 teachers and staff of 10 faculties and departments of LILAMA 2


From April 19 to April 22, 2021, 15 teachers and staff of 10 faculties and departments of LILAMA 2 International Technology College (LILAMA 2) were trained on how to install and use the recently acquired technical equipment to achieve the best efficiency of the current media studio that has been gradually set up to deal with the urge of e-learning under the pandemic crisis.  The workshop was divided into two specialized sessions. The training part for e-learning officers included how to manage and operate the media studio, set up the sound and light source for video shooting. Meanwhile, the part for e-learning teachers consisted of how to design a presentation template for filming, rephase teaching contents and choose the environment for video shooting. Moreover, teachers were trained on gestures, postures, voice tones, speech tempos, as well as how to signal when reshooting needed. Both groups were instructed to edit the recorded audio and video with Adobe Audition and Adobe Premiere and created their own sample video during the workshop.

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