Master trainer training for in-company trainers at college level




LILAMA2 International Technology College (For on-site training in Phase 1 and 3); MSTeams (Phase 2)


Assoc. Prof. Nguyen Van Tuan and MSc. Le Tuyen Giao


20-25 teachers/staff from LILAMA2 International Technology College and other colleges from Dong Nai, An Giang, Long An and Ho Chi Minh city as well as representatives from their business partners.


Date: The training is organized in 13 days in September and October, in blended format of combining on-site and online trainings. There will be three training phases:

  • Phase 1 – On-site training: 04 days: 27/09-30/09/2022.
  • Phase 2 – Online training through MS Teams: 05 days: 03/10-07/10/2022.
  • Phase 3 – On-site training: 04 days: 24/10-27/10/2022.

Continuing the effort on the development of a pool of master trainers to later provide training for in-company trainers, this year the TVET Programme and the Regional Cooperation for the Development of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (RECOTVET) in collaboration with LILAMA2 will organize the master trainer training for in-company trainer at college level. The training content is based on the draft of the in-company trainer standard.

Upon completing the training programme, learners will be able to analyze professional pedagogical contents covered by Decision No. 868/QD-TCGDNN in the training program on teaching skills and have capacity to deliver the training for in-company trainer at college level. Details are below: 

  • Applying necessary teaching skills to train and develop skills for employees, apprentices and trainees 
  • Coordinating the implementation of cooperative training programs at college level with vocational institutes;  
  • Preparing teaching and learning facilities to deliver the training programme;  
  • Integrating labor safety, environmental protection, gender equality and inclusion into training programme;  
  • Replicating training courses in blended format of combining physical and virtual trainings. 
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