Training for the administrative staff to develop and administer a learning management system (LMS) at the HVCT College. 

To promote a comprehensive approach to Digital Transformation (College) for vocational colleges in Vietnam, GIZ supports capacity development for HVCT staff and lecturers in the field of Digital Transformation. 

On September 15 and 16, 2022, the Vietnam-Germany Programme “Reform of TVET in Vietnam” organized a training course for administrators to build and administer a learning management system (LMS) at College of Technology II – (HVCT). This is a course designed specifically for 10 HVCT lecturers and staff as follow-up activity after the training in “Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Multipliers of Partner TVET Colleges” for 11 partner colleges by July 2022. 

In 2022, HVCT College requires to use a learning management system (LMS) with an interface design that is more suitable to the special requirements, as well as to improve the system administration capabilities of the admin team. Therefore, the members of the Digital Transformation Task Force of HVCT and the training expert – Assoc. Dr. Nguyen Ngoc Vu designed and implemented this 2-day training course with the goal of guiding the HVCT admin team to be able to use source code, plug-ins to design interfaces, organize and manage data, user account management. 

On the first day, the teachers were introduced to some interfaces. Then, in the afternoon, they practiced adding some content such as multimedia, awesome fonts, headlines, buttons, thumbnails so that my course has diverse content and students can interact better on the interface of the course. 

On the second day of training, HVCT teachers designed their own courses using tools under the guidance of Mr. Vu. After that, the teachers also had the opportunity to review each other’s courses. At the same time, the school’s admin team was also guided more on things such as: managing permissions on the system, Backup and Restoring courses, managing class enrollment, the system

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