“Developing capacity for teachers on using PV equipment” training at Ninh Thuan Vocational College (NTVC) 

Aiming to implement the objective of improving the quality and market orientation of technical vocational education within the framework of the Programme “Reform of Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Vietnam”-GIZ, therefore a training consisting of 2 parts on developing teacher capacity on using photovoltaic (PV) devices for 15 core teachers split into 3 small groups for maximum effectiveness were conducted on 10 – 12  and 17 – 19 of May 2022. The training focuses on building capacity for teachers on how to use specialized PV devices and hands-on training on using those devices on a real PV installation. It is also a necessity of improving teaching quality and applying knowledge regarding the use of photovoltaic devices into the curriculum of Renewable Energy occupation. 

The main contents of the training are giving an introduction on different PV devices; instructing on how to use them; sensitizing on the restrictions of these devices; and training of the devices on real PV installations. During the training, the participants were guided through the concepts of theoretical knowledge and how to use the PV devices such as SOLAR I-Ve CurveTracer, Clamp meters, Solar Pathfinder for shade analysis, Insulation and continuity tester, Digital Earth resistance tester, Infrared thermometer and MC4 connectors and their assembly. 

After the training, teachers are confident in using the devices; having a clear overview of the different devices available and knowing how to apply the devices to real installations. “Through this training, the core teachers have acquired a lot of knowledge and skills related to hand tools, how to use solar-related measuring equipment correctly” said Mr. Dang Ngoc Vong – Dean of Renewable Energy Faculty at NTVC. 

This training on developing capacity for teachers on using PV devices mark the first step towards a good preparation for NTVC teachers to get more and more Renewable Energy trainings at the college in the near future. 

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