Industry Advisory Board for Renewable Energy Founded at Ninh Thuan Vocational College

On 17 May 2024, the first Industry Advisory Board (IAB) in Viet Nam for Renewable Energy (RE) was established. The event welcomed the participation of wind and solar companies including Thuan Binh Wind JSC, Enercon Viet Nam Co. Ltd, Trung Nam Technical Service Ltd, BIM Group, Festo Didactic SE, Thuan Hai Renewable Energy, Renewable Energy Asset Management, Tuy Phong Wind Power Plant, and the Ninh Thuan Vocational College (NTVC) and the Department of Industry and Trade. The IAB was founded in the frame of the development partnership “Vocational Training Center for Renewable Energies – Wind and Solar Technology” and will serve as cooperation mechanism between TVET institutes and the business sector for the joint delivery of high-quality and demand oriented vocational training.

During the meeting, the cooperative training approach with its success factors in Viet Nam were presented next to the objective, structure, cooperation mechanisms, and the benefits of the IAB collaboration for its stakeholders were clearly illustrated to the audience. Mr Truong Ngoc Hoang from Festo Didactic, drew attention to the recognition of companies participating in the cooperative training approach, suggesting that their logos should be included on the certificates awarded to trainees. This proposal aimed to acknowledge the valuable contributions of partner companies and enhance the prestige of the certification for both students and participating organisations. Mr Tuan Pham from Trung Nam Group also raised a question regarding the readiness of the future trainers of the companies. In response, it was assured that in-company trainers would receive job-related pedagogical training that enhances their didactical competencies and prepares them for their new roles in the joint training programme.

Mr Nguyen Phan Anh Quoc, the rector of NTVC, stressed on the fact that the success of RE training programmes heavily relies on an active engagement of companies in the wholistic training process, not only in the provision of on-the-job training at real workplaces but also in the development of competence standards and participation on final examinations. In this section, each company in the wind industry identified their competence to provide students in-company training phases at their premises based on their strengths in various training units, offering students a chance to gain valuable, industry-specific training and work experience. The six partner companies and the college agreed on formalising their planned training cooperation and will sign a memorandum of understanding as a next step.

The event was implemented in the frame of the Development Partnership (DPP) Vocational Training Center for Renewable Energies – Wind and Solar Technology, supported by the develoPPP programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). The DPP is implemented by the cooperation partners Vietnam Industries Building Services JSC, Festo Didactic SE, Schneider Electric Vietnam, Ninh Thuan Vocational College, and the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, on behalf of the BMZ.


Ralf Hill (GIZ) presents the nature and success factors of the cooperative training approach

Huynh Ngoc Tuong Vi (NTVC), illustrates the IAB’s objective, structure, and cooperation mechanisms

Nguyen Phan Anh Quoc (NTVC) facilitates the discussion on the areas where companies can receive students during the in-company training phase

Representatives from wind companies express their readiness to train students onsite at wind parks

NTVC and six partner companies agree on the terms for establishing the IAB for RE