Awareness raising and common method of Digital Transformation in TVET and Introduction to the Policy review activity




Online (MSTeam)


Prof. Ho Tu Bao and Dr. Nguyen Nhat Quang


Managers, leaders, teachers, and officials from DVET, DoLISA, TVET institutions and enterprises


Digital transformation (DX) is considered as one of the top two breakthrough solutions of the draft “TVET Strategy to 2030 with a vision to 2045”. With the support of GIZ and national experts, DVET is implementing the Policy review on DX in TVET associated with six components of the DX ecosystem. The purpose is to analyze the current situation of DX regulatory framework and recommendations to enable DX in the TVET sector.

The workshop also introduces objectives, plan, and expectation of the project, and prepares participants for upcoming group discussions and in-depth interviews in each province/city in October 2021.

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