Technical workshop “The Skills Council Mechanism for the Renewable Energy Sector”




Adonis Hotel, 55 Quang Trung, Quang Trung ward, Hai Ba Trung district, Hanoi


Viet Nam is identified as one of the most vulnerable countries to be affected by climate change. In the frame of the net-zero
commitment of the Prime Minister at the UN Climate Conference COP 26 in Glasgow in November 2021 with the target of reaching carbon neutrality by 2050, the climate response requires close cooperation between public and private stakeholders.

Based on the dynamic development of the RE sector over the past years, it is confirmed that Viet Nam needs to act on a (high skilled) labour force development in a more holistic and long-term manner. An integrated strategy must be established where human resource development is aligned with the needs of a just energy transition.

Understanding the Just Energy Transition context in Viet Nam along with GIZ´s long-term experience in the energy industry, especially renewable energy as well as technical and vocational education and training in Viet Nam, the Programme “Reform of TVET in Viet Nam II” (TVET Programme) supports on the establishment of Sector Skills Council in renewable energy (with focus on wind and solar energy).

In the frame of the establishment of a Sector Skills Council in Renewable Energy (RE), the TVET Programme conducted a
stakeholder mapping analysis which helps to shed light on the value chain of renewable energy, highlighting key stakeholders in the wind and solar sector. Hence, the TVET Programme and the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training (DVET) is co-organizing a technical workshop on the Skills Council Mechanism for the Renewable Energy Sector.

The objective of the workshop is to 1) provide an overview of skills development through the Sector Skills Council model, (2) present key findings of the stakeholders mapping, (3) identify and discuss key challenges in the sector, (4) discuss about the necessity to Sector Skills Council mechanism for RE in the context of Viet Nam and (5) propose recommendations for cooperation mechanism among State – Enterprise – TVET Schools in the frame of a Sector Skills Council for RE sector

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