Workshop on introduction of the digital literacy training module




Nha Trang College of Technology


Dr. Vu Quang Khue, Mr. Bui Quang Khai, Ms. Pham Ngoc Hoa, Ms. Bui Thu Trang; Senior experts: Prof. Dr. Ho Tu Bao, Dr. Nguyen Nhat Quang


Representatives from the Formal Training Department – the Directorate of Vocational Education and Training, Leadership representatives of the Training Affairs Department/Management staff of the Informatics Unit; 02 teachers of the Informatics subject from 11 partner TVET colleges, experts, DX multipliers and GIZ staff.


Event documents

In 2022, the Programme “Reform of TVET in Viet Nam II” (the TVET Programme) collaborated with experts and the task force of multipliers from partner TVET colleges to conduct the research and development of a digital literacy training module for college students. Research results were then presented and discussed at the Digital Transformation Workshop on 30/12/2022 in Hanoi.

Based on the implementation plan of supporting teachers and staff from partner TVET colleges in capacity development, the TVET Programme organizes a workshop which aims to introduce the digital literacy training module, continue discussing to finalize the module content, collect feedbacks and comments on methods to prepare for further implementation while waiting for the guideline document from DVET.

The Workshop aims to support participants in:

  • Gaining overall understanding of the significance, role, importance, and inevitable trend in updating training content of the Informatics subject towards a digital literacy training module,
  • Enhancing capacity in updated knowledge of the Informatics subject,
  • Discussing implementation methods and roadmaps for updating training content of the Informatics subject towards a digital literacy training module piloting at 11 partner colleges.

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