Mechatronics Fitters

Mechatronics has become a key to many different products and processes. Modern systems have reached a level of sophistication, which would have been hard to imagine using traditional methods. Mechatronics integrates the classical fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and computer engineering known as information technology.

Field of activity

Mechatronics fitters are engaged in the assembly and maintenance of complex machines, plant and systems in the mechanical engineering sector or in organizations which purchase and operate such mechatronic systems.

Mechatronics fitters carry out their work at various places, mainly at plant assembly sites, in workshops and in connection with service operations. They are qualified to work autonomously on the basis of technical documents and instructions and carry out their work in compliance with the relevant provisions and safety regulations. They often work in teams. They coordinate their activities with upstream and downstream operations.

Under the provisions of the Prevention of Accidents Regulations, mechatronics fitters are deemed to be specialists in the electrical and electronic engineering field.

Occupational skills

Mechatronics fitters

  • plan and control work processes, monitor and evaluate the results and apply quality management systems;
  • process mechanical parts and assemble sub-assemblies and components into mechatronic systems;
  • instal electrical sub-assemblies and components;
  • measure and test electrical values;
  • instal and test hardware and software components;
  • build and test electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic control systems;
  • program mechatronic systems;
  • assemble, dismantle, securitize and transport machinery, systems and plant;
  • set up and test the functioning of mechatronic systems;
  • undertake the commissioning of mechatronic systems and operate such systems;
  • deliver mechatronic systems to clients and provide training in their operation;
  • carry out maintenance operations on mechatronic systems.