Oct 3rd, 2014

Monitoring and Evaluation

The M&E system has three major functions. Firstly, it should make strategic planning and evidencebased and results oriented steering of the programme possible. Therefore not only the processes and outputs of the programme are in the focus of the system. The main importance is placed on the results of the programme. To systematically evaluate these results, research-based and practitioner-oriented, user friendly methods are necessary. That’s why the chosen steps in the M&E cycle and data collection and analysis methods are based on the latest guidelines for results oriented M&E of GIZ and the current scientific debate. Additionally, the technical terms, which are used in the M&E system are in line with the current reference frameworks.

The second main function lies in its control and reporting role. The agencies responsible for the programme should be provided with relevant information, which are as reliable as far as possible. One main agency is the BMZ. Consequently the M&E system is clearly focused on the results indicators of the programme and the results matrix. The other important agency is the General Directorate of Vocational Training (GDVT)/MoLISA). Therefore the M&E System is as much as possible also harmonized with the Vietnamese reference evaluation procedures of the Vietnamese TVET sector which are either existing or in the development stage.

Thirdly this combined system serves as a tool for initiating change processes in the existing Vietnamese M&E system by introducing a more outcome based focus and by utilizing the system for respective capacity development of the involved partners. Through experiences of the piloting the programme’s M&E system and provision of related capacity building measures the TVET sector monitoring capacities of the partner should improve. The selected integrated approach should lead to a high level of accessibility, transparency and efficiency.

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