Greening TVET

In Vietnam, environmental awareness is quite low and the green economy sector is relatively small. At the moment, green jobs and respective green skills requirements are not available. However, this situation will change due to new policies of the Vietnamese government which aim at a more sustainable socio-economic development of the country.

With the development of the Green Growth Strategy, the Vietnamese government has acknowledged the need to address the environmental and socio-economic challenges by giving a key role to sustainable economic development. TVET is included as an important cross-cutting issue to develop competent workforce capable to meet the requirements of a greening economy in Viet Nam. TVET’s contribution to achieve the goals of the Green Growth Strategy is developing training competencies needed in order to apply resource and energy efficient, environmental friendly production processes and technologies. Involvement of TVET is not only relevant for a single group of activities but for implementing all strategic tasks of the Green Growth Strategy, as they have at least an implicit skills development component.

Activities on "Greening TVET" in the frame of the Vietnamese-German Programme Reform of TVET in Viet Nam:

Ideas for “Greening TVET” are placed on the TVET map in Viet Nam

"Green TVET" on a mission

Seven Vietnamese Young Professionals graduated from GIZ-supported training on "TVET, Climate Change and Green Jobs"

"Greening TVET" at the Green-Biz 2013 exhibition

TVET Programme invited to workshop on the implementation of Vietnamese Green Growth Strategy Action Plan

"Greening TVET" Mission in Vietnam from 04 - 12.03.2013

The International Leadership Training (ILT) on "TVET, Climate Change and Green Job"

Green skills development – essential for the transition to green growth

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