Industrial Mechanics

Field of activity

Industrial mechanics manufacture, maintain and monitor technical systems. They are involved in setting up, refitting and commissioning production plants.
Typical areas of operation are maintenance, machine and plant construction, production technology and the construction of precision devices.

Occupational skills

Industrial mechanics

  • carry out their work independently in compliance with the relevant specifications and safety regulations, coordinate their work with other areas in the process chain and work as part of a team,
  • set up workstations,
  • organise and check production and manufacturing processes,
  • communicate with internal and external customers in a way that is appropriate to the situation,
  • check and document maintenance and assembly work, taking into account the company quality management systems,
  • make structural components and subassemblies and assemble them to produce technical systems,
  • identify faults in technical systems, together with their causes, and document them,
  • overhaul technical systems,
  • retrofit machines and systems,
  • carry out maintenance work and inspections,
  • select testing procedures and equipment,
  • hand over technical systems and products to customers, and provide an introduction to using the plant,
  • ensure that the technical systems operate correctly,
  • monitor and extend electrical control components,
  • observe business processes and apply quality management principles in the field of use.