Electrical Fitters

Field of activity

Electrical fitters (m/f) are involved in the assembly and installation of electricity supply, control engineering, signalling and lighting systems. Their work also involves inspecting and maintaining these systems and equipment.

Electrical fitters frequently work in teams and coordinate their work with prior and subsequent areas. They work independently from documents and instructions in a variety of different locations, primarily building sites, workshops and service areas, and are required to observe the pertinent regulations and safety provisions.

Occupational skills

Electrical fitters

  • plan the job and prepare the sequence of operations;
  • set up and clear up the installation site;
  • process and connect mechanical parts;
  • assemble switchgear and wire up electrical assemblies;
  • set up and install switchgear assemblies and distribution boards;
  • install wiring systems; lay and connect wiring;
  • install electrical systems for lighting, power supply distribution and control of electrical equipment and machines;
  • measure and test electrical equipment and assemblies; adjust and commission them;
  • rectify faults in electrical systems;
  • document circuit diagrams, materials, spares and technical tests.

Source: bibb.de