Electrotechnics Technicians

Field of activity

Electronics technicians work in the construction, setting up and servicing of electrical plant in the fields of energy, building, infrastructure, automation, information and communications technology.
Electronics technicians work independently, take economic and environmental concerns into consideration and observe the relevant technical regulations. They are qualified electricians within the meaning of the regulations for the prevention of accidents.

Occupational skills

Electronics technicians

  • advise customers, plan electrical installations in accordance with customer requirements;
  • install equipment and components, put equipment into operation;
  • install and configure software, components, devices and networks;
  • test electrical protective devices and other safety facilities;
  • analyse disturbances in equipment and eliminate faults;
  • carry out inspections and maintenance work and repair equipment;
  • attend to customers and provide services;

Electronics technicians in the energy and building technology speciality

  • design energy supply and building technology systems;
  • install lighting equipment, drives, switching devices and control equipment, decentralized power supply installations, emergency power supply equipment, receive-only and broadband communications equipment and data networks; connect telecommunications terminals to telecommunications networks; put energy and building technology equipment into operation;
  • install, configure and initialize building control equipment and bus systems; draw up control programmes; test building technology systems;

Electronics technicians in the automation technology speciality

  • analyse functional interconnections and operational processes; design automation installations;
  • install sensors, control devices, machine and process controls as well as pneumatic, hydraulic and electric drives, put automation installations into operation;
  • optimize feedback control systems, program and test automation systems;

Electronics technicians in the information and telecommunications technology speciality

  • design data transmission and data processing facilities, analyse potential dangers and design security technology installations;
  • install and put into operation data networks, fire and intrusion detectors, access control equipment, video monitoring systems, telecommunications facilities;
  • install, configure and initialize software, draw up programmes, test IT systems.

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