Aug 28th, 2015

English courses for management and teaching staff takes place at LILAMA 2 College

The managerial staff and teachers of the Technical Technology College LILAMA 2 (LILAMA 2 College), with the mandate of providing the initial training for young labor force, are aware about the importance and urge to improve the foreign language competences (specifically English) in the progress of achieving the international standard for technical and vocational training.

Within the framework of the Programme Reform of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in Vietnam (TVET programme) – Component 2 focusing on the development of the Center of Excellence LILAMA 2 College, improvement and enhancement of technical English knowledge and English communication skills for managers and teachers of the college has been considered as one of the priorities under capacity development activities package of the programme.

On 20th August 2015, 33 managerial staff including Vice Rector, Head/Vice Heads of faculties and young key teachers of LILAMA 2 College took part in an English test following TOEIC testing simulation to measure their basic English skills. The test was conducted following a professional and standardized methodology and jointly organized by the GIZ programme officer and teachers of Center for Foreign Language and IT of LILAMA 2 College.

The results of the test will be taken as the baseline reference for the drafting of suitable and efficient training programme course of technical English and English communication skills for managers and teachers of LILAMA 2 based on their foundation of English capacity.

The English course will be conducted in October 2015 at LILAMA 2 and will contribute to the capacity development of English competences for managers and teachers of LILAMA 2 (both in general communication and technical English) in order to better equip them in the international working environment meeting the requirements of the college development strategy in the future.